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Sushi Miami Beach

#3 Veggie Sushi Roll by Sushi Miami Beach

#3 Veggie Sushi Roll by Sushi Miami Beach

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#3 Veggie Sushi Roll Serving size 8 Pcs

Ingredient: Salmon | Tuna | Avocado |Sushi Rice | Nori | Sesame Seed | & Topped Slice Salmon & Tuna | Wasabi | Ginger | 
Including: 1 Chopstick, Mayo sauce, Soy Sauce

Savor the freshness of our Veggie Sushi Roll, a delightful blend of kosher-certified goodness crafted by top chefs in Miami. Packed with vibrant and fresh ingredients, this flavorful creation is available for delivery. Elevate your dining experience—order online at and relish the best in veggie sushi perfection! 🌱🍣 #VeggieDelight #KosherCuisine #MiamiChef

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Sushi By Kosher Sushi Miami Beach, PH: 786-475-7788  

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