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Sushi Miami Beach

#9 Tuna Sushi Hand Roll by Sushi Miami Beach

#9 Tuna Sushi Hand Roll by Sushi Miami Beach

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#9 Tuna Sushi Hand Roll Serving size 8 Pcs.

Ingredient: Tuna | Avocado | Sushi Rice | Nori Cone-Shaped Warp | Sesame Seed | Wasabi | Ginger | 
Including: 1 Chopstick, Mayo sauce, Soy Sauce

our Tuna Sushi Hand Roll, 🐟meticulously crafted by our top chefs in Miami. This delectable offering, with a serving size of 8 pieces, boasts a perfect combination of Tuna, Avocado,🥑 Sushi Rice, Nori Cone-Shaped Wrap, Sesame Seed, Wasabi, and Ginger. 🍣 Ideal for events, catering, bar-mitzvahs, or any celebration, kosher-certified delight adds sophistication to your gatherings. 🌟 Beyond its exquisite taste, our Tuna Sushi Hand Roll aligns with health-conscious choices. Packed with protein from Tuna and heart-healthy fats from Avocado, it offers a nutritious option for discerning palates. Order online at and elevate your dining experience with this flavorful and healthful sushi choice! 🚚✨ #TunaHandRoll #HealthyDining #MiamiChef


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