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Sushi Miami Beach

Smoked Seared Tuna & Salmon 12" Platter

Smoked Seared Tuna & Salmon 12" Platter

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Smoked Seared Tuna Mix with Slice Salmon 12" Platter 

Smoked Seared Tuna Mix with Slice Salmon 12" Platter at Sushi Miami Beach! 🍣✨ Impeccably presented on a 12-inch platter, this exquisite creation features a delightful blend of smoky seared tuna slices and luscious cuts of smoked salmon, beautifully arranged for a symphony of flavors and textures. 🍽️ Our sushi is proudly kosher-certified by KM Kosher, ensuring the highest quality standards. 🌊🎣 Order online for swift delivery or choose in-store pickup. Freshness guaranteed, as our fish is prepared daily in our market store. 🚗🛍️ Elevate your dining experience – order now at! #SmokedSearedTunaMix #SliceSalmonPlatter #SushiMiamiBeach #KosherSushi 🍱✨

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