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Sushi Miami Beach

Tuna Poke Bowl | by Sushi Miami Beach

Tuna Poke Bowl | by Sushi Miami Beach

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Tuna Poke Bowl
White Rice, Brown Rice or Quinoa | Tuna | Avocado | Edamame |  jalapeños | Red Onion | Mango | Pineapple |
Including: 1 Chopstick | Spicy Mayo | Sweet | Soy |

Dive into a culinary paradise with our Tuna Poke Bowl at Sushi Miami Beach, offering a choice of white or brown rice or quinoa as the perfect base. Immerse yourself in the tantalizing combination of fresh tuna, creamy avocado, crisp carrot, juicy tomato, edamame, pickled jalapeños, and refreshing cucumber. 🍲🐟 Drizzled with our signature tropical sauce and chipotle sauce, this bowl is a symphony of flavors that transcends ordinary dining. Certified kosher by KM, our Tuna Poke Bowl can be conveniently ordered online for delivery, bringing the taste of Miami Beach directly to your doorstep. Elevate your dining experience with Tuna Poke Sushi Bowl Miami, Order Online, Kosher, and Sushi Delivery. 🥢🚚 #TunaPokeBowl #KosherMiamiBeach #SushiDelivery

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