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Sushi Miami Beach

Sushi Prime Platter -12 rolls 96 pcs

Sushi Prime Platter -12 rolls 96 pcs

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Sushi Prime Platter -12 rolls 96 pcs

our Sushi Prime Platter, a tantalizing assortment of 12 rolls serving 96 pieces. Delight in the freshness of our 🍣🥢Veggie Roll, the richness of the 🍣🥢Salmon Avocado Roll, the boldness of the🍣🥢 Spicy Salmon and 🍣🥢 Tuna Avocado Rolls, and the kick of the🍣🥢 Spicy Tuna Roll. Dive into classic flavors with the 🍣🥢California Roll, embrace the savory 🍣🥢Dragon Roll, and enjoy the satisfying crunch of the 🍣🥢Crunchy Roll. Indulge in the tropical sweetness of the 🍣🥢 Tropical Roll, the unique🍣🥢 FF Roll, and the fiery sensation of the 🍣🥢Volcano Roll. Complete your journey with the 🍣🥢JB Tempura Roll, all masterfully crafted by our top chefs at Sushi Miami Beach. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest sushi in Miami Beach, ensuring our ingredients and daily fresh fish meet the highest standards. Order online for convenient delivery and relish the excellence of Kosher-certified sushi. 🍣🥢 #SushiPlatter #TopChefSushi #KosherMiamiBeach #SushiDelivery


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